Chess implementation written in Rust

The chess piece, the pawn.

This project represents my effort to enhance my Rust programming skills by taking on a more comprehensive challenge. I aimed to deepen my understanding of software design principles, leverage Cargo – Rust’s package manager, and refine problem-solving techniques.


At its core, the project is a complete chess game implementation. Players can engage with the chessboard using standard algebraic notation, adding familiarity to the user experience. The implementation includes support for Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) strings, facilitating integration with advanced features like chess engines and AI bots.

Code design

Beyond chess, the project exemplifies clean and decoupled code design for maintainability. By focusing on performance optimization and best practices, I aimed to create an efficient implementation.

This journey has honed my Rust skills, explored software development nuances, and embraced the Rust ecosystem. Explore the project on GitHub.

The journey continues, with anticipation for future developments as I refine my Rust proficiency.